Historical Note

After a fall of 'iron curtain' in late 80-ies active researches working in the area of databases and information systems discovered that they are still almost completely isolated from the rest of the world. Even reasonably good research results were presented in a way unacceptable for major conferences or international journals. A few years later, after the crash of Soviet Union in 1991, a group of researchers leaded by Leonid Kalinichenko also identified the need to consolidate Russian researches and integrate them into international community.

In September 1992, the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter was chartered, chaired by Leonid Kalinichenko. Immediately after its formation, the Chapter founded the Annual Workshops “Advances in Data Bases & Information Systems” (ADBIS). In May 1993, the ADBIS workshop was organised in Moscow under the subtitle “1st Joint Workshop of the Kiev and Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapters”. During 1994–1996, three ADBIS Workshops were organised in Moscow by the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter under the subtitle “International Workshop”. In 1996, after discussions with the ACM SIGMOD (mostly with its then Chair, Won Kim), it was decided to transform ADBIS into an East European forum for the exchange of scientific advancements in databases and information systems between the research communities in Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. Thus, for the next two years ADBIS was organised as an “East European Symposium”, whereas in 1999 its status changed to “East European Conference”.

Since 1998 the ADBIS proceedings are published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series. In addition, a second volume with additional papers is published either by a local academic publisher, or by CEUR, or more recently in the AISC (Advances in Intelligent Systems & Computing) and CCIS (Communications in Computer & Information Science) series of Springer. In the early years (until 2002), ADBIS events were organised in cooperation with ACM SIGMOD. ADBIS joined the ACM SIGMOD program “SIGMOD Digital Symposium Collection (DiSC)” aiming at collecting symposium anthologies on CDs.

ADBIS conference has attracted the international interest of the research community and is being mentioned in several ranking lists (such as CORE, MSAR, Conference Ranks, Guide2Research etc.) and indexed in several digital libraries, such as DBLP, Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Search and so on. Since 2017 the formal designation is “European Conference”.

Extended historical note by Theodora Tsikrika and Yannis Manolopoulos: [PDF]

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